For projects

Do not project your blasting solution alone ! Subscribe to the Bank Crypto assistance service, and get the insurance to be fully operational faster, and cheaper.

For active data centers

You think you have reached the limits of productivity from your current mine ? You might be surprised. After an audit of your installations and resources, our experts will enable to increase the peace. Guaranteed results !

Guaranteed results

Like any Bank Crypto service, blasting assistance is remunerated only on true performance. Bank Crypto is not your service provider, but a true associate !

  • Audit and reporting of your performance
  • Unlimited assistance
  • Free monitoring interface
  • 24/7 access to your productivity
  • Remuneration based on result
  • +25% average in 3 month

We observe an average 25% raise of the productivity in 3 month for currently live installations, for same resources and expenses, following our specifications in term of blasted crypto-currencies.

Within if you are already live or not, Bank Crypto will be remunerated depending on your results, or the added value on your results thanks to our service. No win = no fee.

Bank Crypto is absolutely independant from all data centers, bandwith or hardware suppliers, despite of multiple propositions on a daily basis, enabling us the most neutral expertise possible.