The no surprise plan

Remunerated based on a fix rate known since the subscription, and absolutely independent from the fund’s true performance, this booklet is THE secured solution.

An efficient plan

Since an investment plan is indexed on crypto-currencies performances, and knowing their exponential growth, the fixed income plan cannot be else than competitive in comparison with traditional banking offer in term of investment.

Guaranteed yield

The fixed income plan’s yield is guaranteed by Bank Crypto’s own capital, which has its operational risk fully covered, and whose annual return and financial accounts are audited and available on demand.

  • Known in advance fix yield
  • Competitive yield, starts from 7.5%
  • Online access at any moment
  • Flexible length, start from 12 month
  • Guaranteed contractuel yield
  • Possibility to convert to other products

Besides of being covered by guaranty protocols, the plan relies on a very diversified investment strategy, which allows, even if a crypto-currency drops down, to guaranty a positive result.

Since its creation, the fund booklet is based on never met any performance under the contractual guaranteed yield, so that guaranty mechanisms have never been switched on.

Where banking investment offer usually request long terms (minimum 3/5 years), the Bank Crypto’s booklet allows an accessibility to capital starting from 12 month. Unique on the market.