An expert at the controls

Your trading account is managed by an expert who takes buying or selling positions following the internal information he may have access to, and market analysis he performs in real time.

Risk management

Any decision is subject to the collegial approval of a risk manager, a financial analyst, and a crypto-currencies expert, so that all the details of the transactions are analysed for the most global vision possible.

Unlimited performance

Account manager’s mission is to maximize profits on crypto-currencies short term trends, in the most secured environment possible. The account is remunerated to its true performance, minored by contractual management fees.

  • Unlimited profits
  • No win / no fee scheme
  • 3 steps approval procedure
  • Online access to the account
  • Access to OTC deals
  • Single interlocutor

Bank Crypto is in permanent contact with more than 250 institutional partners that are able to, depending on the market situation, offer higher prices than the market.

Your account manager is in charge of a limited quantity of accounts, and he is remunerated on the performance (in %) of every account, so that, whatever is your capital, your account means to him.

The cell that manages your account works with professional tools that are developed in house by Bank Crypto : monitoring, analysis, control, automation…Only for us and by us. For more and more security and performance.