Unlimited performance

This plan’s remuneration is based on the fund’s true performance. Knowing the recent performances of crypto-currencies (+700% to +3000%), this is THE solution for maximizing profits.

Enhanced security

The fund booklet is based on is voluntary positioned on a wide panel of crypto-currencies, as a secured risk management policy by diversifying the risk and limiting the influence of one single asset’s trend.

Absolute control

Positions taken by the desk are subject to 3 managers approval processes, and are all controlled and monitored by in house developed computing systems.

  • Unlimited yield
  • 24/7 access
  • Possibility to convert to another product
  • Enhanced security
  • Available audited performances
  • Available history and background

Where traditional banking offer requests an unavailability of capital for long terms (3/5 years minimum), the subscribed capital to the performance booklet is available after 12 month. Absolutely unique.

You enjoy from an account manager who is available at any moment for any need related to the management of your account. His is your only interlocutor and serves as an interface with financial, accounting or legal departments.

Since its creation, this booklet never had any performance that is lower than the fixed income plan’s one. Which turns the performance booklet at the most performant solution, but also the most secure one within Bank Crypto’s products portfolio.