Don’t risk your capital

Storing crypto assets on a private hardware has alreayd many times proven to be a very risky solution. Besides of the usual risks based on the deterioriation of your equipment, you may also consider possibility of theft or hacking.

Professional solution

Bank Crypto’s storage solution has originally be developped for finance professionals, with the very high standard requirements of this industry. This is exactly the same solution that is now offered to individuals.

Access 24/7

Your assets are accessible at any moment, you can use it to respond to your personal needs, or to market opportunities. A Bank Crypto Manager’s intervention is not needed for accessing your assets.

  • 1000% secured solution
  • Assets remain available
  • Segregated virtual safe
  • Professional tool
  • Insurance coverage
  • Unlimited use (volume or time)

Without entering into details that are confidential, Bank Crypto’s storage solution has already been many times “tested”, and hold it without any loss of stability at every time.

Precursor in the designing of a truly secure and innovative storage solution, Bank Cryptohas received several awards from it peers and specialized media organizations.

Even if we imagine a technological revolution that would enable to breach the Bank Crypto’s virtual safe’s security protocole, it benefits from an unlimited insurance coverage with one of the world’s leaders.