The freedom solution

Buy whatever you want and whenever you want, store it as long as you might feel usefull for free, and sell your crypto assets at the moment you will judge relevant the most.

Free storage

Enjoy from the Bank Crypto secured storage solution for free, for any asset purchased on Bank Crypto’s trading platform. Your assets are insured, secured, and available at any moment.

The best offers

Bank Crypto’s trading platform is connected to 4 different markets, which allows to buy or sell at any time, and to access to the best market rates of the world, from one single interface.

  • Online access 24/7
  • Unlimited free storage
  • Access to best market offers
  • Availability of assets
  • No comitment, no limit
  • Assistance of an expert

You benefit from the free assistance of a crypto-currencies expert who, following your needs and demands, guide you on the platform and/or the market, and provides you with usefull information and advices.

You are free to keep your account dormant, or, on the contrary, to sell the totality of your crypto assets and to withdraw your capital in the currency of your choice, at any moment, without any commitment.

Associated to your success, Bank Crypto’s experts inform you as soon as a market news can potentially influence the value of your wallet, and assist you in taking the needed steps.