An history of talents

Bank Crypto is nowadays a key player in the crypto-currencies market, but at its creation, in 2013, when only few people believed then in the development of crypto-currencies, the group did not attract only fans. The credo that is shared all the talents that compose our teams is the same : to open this market to as many people as possible, in order to propose a true alternative to current banking system corrupted by major security breaches, high costs, lack of flexibility and competition.


A new start-up is launched

Everything starts in the attic of a house in old London. A combination of talents in cryptography and market finance. A product in design, to revolutionize the buy and sale of crypto-currencies. And a lot of ideas and motivation in the drawers.


First successes

Platform is launched in summer 2014 and immediately meets its users satisfaction. Awards and orders from corporate customer don’t late to come. But the tool is a professional tool that is not designed for individuals. All the profits are reinvested for a single target : offer the same service to individuals and democratize access to crypto-currencies.


Launch of the Safe

After a first move to Leeds, the group moves to Liverpool but keeps his historical and sentimental headquarters in the old London house. There is now more than 200 people composing the team, half of them sanctified to research and development of new tools and products, as the now famous Safe, universal hosting solution for crypto-currencies, commercialized since early 2015.